A Grand Escape – Leaving Las Virus


The first sunny day for an age so it was time to hit the water. A brisk paddle on the Grand Canal near Killeen Bridge in County Offaly.

We all need a break at times

The sun made a suprise appearance today after disappearing for an extended holiday. I did hum George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and my feet tapped to ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’. One of the best and only methods of escaping the dastardly creep of our captors is to head onto the canal. Around these parts the canal is certainly ‘Far from the Madding Crowd.’ It wouldn’t be a bad thing to accidentally bump into Julie Christie. Not very likely though. More likely to bump into the ‘Hairy Bogga’ crawling out of a ditch. So back to the paddling. It was lovely. The air was fresh with not a mask in sight. Perfect. Just need the the shiny yoke in the sky to get stuck on repeat and all will be well. Paddling the canal. Escaping. Leaving Las Virus behind us.


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On the Bog