Submission guide:

Make a plan

Prior to posting your content, make a plan. Select your image(s). Resize;  ideally a minimum size of 1280 pixels on the longest side. Remember also, files that are too big will take too long to load on some devices. 

Write your content

Study your image. Tell its story. Write as much as you feel like. Then once you have exhausted your mind, take a break. Come back to your prose. Re-read it. Edit it. Then post it.

Write an excerpt

Take a sentence or two from your content. Use this to draw the reader in. Make it interesting. Eye-catching. Absorbing. Now add it as your excerpt.


Look at the categories on the site. Decide which one is the most suited to your image(s), and your content.

Your Website / Blog

Don’t forget to add a link to your website or your blog so people will know where to go to see more of your images.

Your Website / Blog

This site was set up as a place to add your images. If you want to add any text you are very welcome to. Poems, stories and articles will all be accepted. Please don’t fill them with external links. I don’t want to have to remove them all. Keep it clean, please.

Happy Posting