Bundles of Water Reed Ready for Work

On an old cottage in Lismore, Ireland there lay bundles of reed; them ready to be dressed into coat-work, then scalloped (fixed) to the base-coat. A new coat of thatch is a transformation to behold. It becomes a beacon. And a magnet to the inquisitive.

A Window into History

What could this window tell you? How many faces, and how many times each face has looked out, or into this aperture of rustic, vernacular beauty? A rare insight. And an even rarer sight.


A Heartbreaking waste. On the 25th of April please Remember Them.

Thatched Cottage in Ireland - Built - On the Bog

Irish Thatch Cottage – Dromineer, Tipperary, Ireland

The iconic thatch cottage from Ireland. Memories of Sean Thornton and his thatch cottage in the John Ford movie, The Quiet Man. The movie also starred the flame-haired Maureen O’Hara. They are all gone now. Certainly not forgotten.

In the Evening

As the sun goes down it is time to start contemplating the day that has been. Time to settle down. Relax.

On Oak We Trust

The term ‘Solid as a Rock’ should, and is by many, also refer to the indomitable timber from Oak trees. A hardy, beautiful, long-lasting and strong wood with a multitude of uses from ship building, house building, furniture making, to name a few. This boardwalk is a testament to Oaks versatility.

Rural Living – It ain’t so Bad

One of the many advantages of living in a rural setting is being able to walk out the door and be confronted by an ever-changing landscape. Every season brings changes. The satisfaction and calmness of a rustic life cannot be easily explained. It is real. And it ain’t so bad.

Dandelion in Full Bloom

Not Unwanted by All – Stand Tall

Oh the Bees. How they love me so. All of my Kin do welcome their visitations. And here comes another. Hello Bee. You are very welcome. Take with you what you need.

The Mighty Burst, of Golden Gorse, of Course

It is that time of the year when the flowering gorse emits its golden gleam, under the shining sun. The gorse, standing here, and there, and over there; it is everywhere.

Fauna - OntheBog.com

Hangin’ in the Grass

Not sure what it is but it was worthy of a shot. So from humble beginnings it is now introduced to the World via On the Bog. I did ask it for permission. It, all of it, nodded gently in the evening breeze.

Bumble Bee Paradise

When spring has sprung, a welcome resource for the humble bumblebee is the vibrant daffodil.

The Giants of Bohinj

The Bohinj valley is so big and vast that once there was room for giants to roam.