A Grand Escape – Leaving Las Virus

The first sunny day for an age so it was time to hit the water. A brisk paddle on the Grand Canal near Killeen Bridge in County Offaly.

Grand Canal with the Earl 1 canal barge

Time for a Grand (Canal) Reflection

There is always time for reflection; an inspection of our day, week, or life. Then there are other reflections………of the Grand Canal type.

An Autumnal Vegan Banquet

Natures Bounty, perfectly placed by Mother Nature Herself. A Rustic Feast like no other. Enjoy.

Spot the Spider – Happy Daffs

They always look well. That early dash of vibrant colour after the winter. They’re in their twilight. Soon they’ll be gone. Until next year.

The Happy Rope

Is it a smile? Could be. I will say it is. The rope is old, rustic, worn but Happy. It smiles.

Bundles of Water Reed Ready for Work

On an old cottage in Lismore, Ireland there lay bundles of reed; them ready to be dressed into coat-work, then scalloped (fixed) to the base-coat. A new coat of thatch is a transformation to behold. It becomes a beacon. And a magnet to the inquisitive.


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