Bundles of Water Reed Ready for Work


On an old cottage in Lismore, Ireland there lay bundles of reed; them ready to be dressed into coat-work, then scalloped (fixed) to the base-coat. A new coat of thatch is a transformation to behold. It becomes a beacon. And a magnet to the inquisitive.

Roof Thatching is an age-old craft which does bump along the edge of a precipice, at times. To thrive it needs a bit of help now and again.

There are plenty of folks whom may want to live under a thatched roof, but there are some hoops that need to be jumped through to make this a reality; Insurance being one, with the cost and, increasingly, the difficulty in obtaining said insurance.

If the craft (I was tempted to use the word ‘Industry’, a misnomer in Ireland for sure) was supported more in this way there would be a revival in the prospects for the survival of thatch roofed buildings.

There are a lot of taxpayer funds pushed towards all sorts of causes. If the government would underwrite the insurance on thatch roofed buildings, or, preferably, a non-profit entity funded by donations, with top-ups from the Tourism, Heritage and Rural budgets, then this could make for a situation where everybody wins.

I’ll leave this here, for now.


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